Purity Ring- Begin Again

1/13/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

"Begin Again" is the second track off of Purity Ring's sophomore album, "Another Eternity", and it comes off the heels of the December release of their first single, the slow-burning, edgy "Push Pull". And before that, they hadn't produced a track in "two years" so I can only guess they were chilling on a private island somewhere with Florence and the Machine, laughing at how they are denying the world their amazing music (SRSLY, flo-ro, leave the Maldives or wherever the fuq you've been hiding your musicially-enhanced brain and get back to producing music. Ur really leaving a fellow ginger hanging here when we rly should be sticking together).

Long, Florential-tangent aside, This song has all the attitude and punch I was missing from "Push Pull". Megan James' signature vocals continue to flow with ease and propels PR's listeners into an electro-pop oasis. Her voice could easily tip over into the "did she just inhale a shit of helium from a balloon?", nasal-AF territory, but it doesn't. The whole track just works, fusing trap with a synth-heavy progression and some rul fairy-n-airy vocals. I can only describe the song as a banger, so press play now !! (banger as in anthemic song, not as in "bangers and mash"  le duh). Also I'd just like to add that I absolutely dig their DGAF glares to the camera in the photo. So much 'tude. If i tried to stare that intensely at the camera I'd either look constipated. Or completely blazed out of my fucking brain. One of the two.  

Sounds Like: Phantogram, Grimes, CHVRCHES