Refs - Pain Goes Away

1/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Omg. Loved this 8 seconds in. I imagine if John Legend was less commercial he would make something like this. NYC-based Refs is 2 people: one is Richard Saunders** and the other produces for Black Light Dinner Party, so they are basically an indie super-group. "Pain Goes Away" is their first song, and it's v slick. Perfect production, and the vocals are soulful and sad. Refs I hope you can top this shit. My only complaint is pretty minor, and I kind of feel like a dick for saying this, but the lyrics feel a little too slam-poetry for me. Maybe this song is about the pain of one of these dude's heroin addictions or something, in which case IM SORRY, but these are some sample lyrics "Who are you to be complaining about everything you don't have / Look at me to lay praise upon you / You feel ashamed cuz you got no (....lyrics that are poorly enunciated) / My love understands you / Right in front of you" Sry but when I listen to fucking music I'm not trying to feel like I'm at church. SINNERS! ALL OF YOU!! Anyways I'm a terrible person and this song rules. t4L out.   

***idk who that is, but another blog I read seemed to think he was an "R&b virtuoso" so I guess I'm out of the loop