Black Coast- Enough (ft. M.Maggie)

1/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Srsly digging the combo of Black Coast and M.Maggie as much as Ross and Rachel circa 1995 (sure I was three but I still had a fucking heart. He's her lobsterrr). First they gave us the slinky and mystical chill-wave jam "TRNDSTTR" and no their back and have up-ed the game in a major way. "Enough", with it's hints of Taylor-Swift/ Tegan-and-Sara  poppy goodness, officially has "Black Coast" and "M.Maggie" on t4L's "to watch list" (whiiiiiich, i just started now). The track is just whiny enough to be mainstream-pop but also has the quirky production that the music snobs will love. Really T4L's first fem-pop ditty of the year and perky and intoxicating perfection. Putting this one on the "diva-joyrides" playlist for sure.

Sounds Like: Tegan and Sara, CHVRCHES, PrinzeGeorge, Fickle Friends