Susanne Sundfør - Fade Away

1/18/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

The reigning queen of weird pop is back yall. Ok maybe that title is held by Grimes, but Susanne Sundfør is #1 in my book. Her most famous track White Foxes changed my life. Being so serious. I once drunkenly berated her on twitter demanding to know the meaning of that song.*** And she's like a massive star in Norway so clearly the Scandinavian people agree. Her newest album Ten Love Songs comes out on Feb. 15th, and this is the single. "Fade Away" is so 80s I expect it to be on the Risky Business soundtrack. There are menacing synths, big drums, and a lengthy keyboard solo so reminiscent of a dated video game it is criminal. On top of it all is Susanne Sundfør's MAGICAL voice, which is witchy and perfect. I know this blog is bitchy but I cannot summon anything bad to say about Susanne Sundfør so I'm gonna go. And if you think I am writing out her name a lot, you are correct. I figured out how to make the ø and I am filled w joy!!! Just wait until MØ drops new stuff.

PS. the Maps remix is unreal, listen to that too.

***She nvr responded and it upsets me still. I've chosen to believe she doesn't speak English (she just sings it...)and that's why.