The White Panda- Say No Diggity (ODESZA/ Blackstreet)

1/05/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

You know your school's too small and insignificant when you have a spring concert and "The White Panda" is the best act (to be fair, their only other competition was Sammy Adams, who got boo-ed off the stage*). Considering No Diggity never gets old and bloggers have been jizzing their pants all fall over ODESZA (srsly, gross metaphor but also the most accurate), these two were bound to collide eventually. The two tracks, although separated by 18 years, fit together seamlessly and you actually would guess the vocal track went with instrumental if you had never heard either song (in which case I'm guessing ur Patrick Star and have been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean for the past 20 years). The White Panda also announced with the release of this song that they're "going back to their roots" and focusing on remixing hip-hop with electronic once again. "Finally! I've been following you guys for the past 4 years waiting for you to return to your roots" said no one ever.

*Surprisingly, not the worst Sammy Adams performance I've seen. #tbt to that time he was playing a suicide-awareness concert and said "I wanted to jump off a building when the Yankees beat the Red Sox last night!"... bet his manager shit is pants when his client said the most un-PC comment of 2009.

Sounds Like: The Hood Internet, Mashup-Germany