Vallis Alps- Vallis Alps EP

1/08/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

FUCK. This up-and-coming two-some leave a smaller virtual footprint than Ronald Ulysses Swanson. To the left is the only information they provide on FB. No last-names. Not even a continental-hint on their geographic location. I mean I know they didn't pass 3rd grade English because they wrote "opened on 1992" but that's about it. I can't even make fun of how hipster they look like I normally do!! There are no photos of "David and Parissa" (if those even are ur real names) to be found online. They also pulled a mini-Bey and just dropped their entire EP (their first btw) all on one day. No single-leaking. No hypeM chart-climbing. No hype whatsoever. That's a baller move. Basically, there is more mystery surrounding these goons than MH 370 (I haven't forgotten! wtf happened to that plane #LostIRL). Whatever their background (I'm guessing a Kyle-XY situation myself. Def musically-enhanced aliens. Somebody check, i bet they don't have belly-buttons), their whole EP is airy-electro gold and super fresh. They range the spectrum of sounding like the rave-master "Flume" to the comtemporary "London Grammar" to the mellowed-out "the xx".

Young: Despite the digital annonymity, Vallis Alps is already making an impact on the music-blogging world. "Young" is up to #4 on HypeM charts and there's no denying why. The track has a haunting-hook layered over perfected synthetic minimalism.  The duo somehow manages to create a mesmeric tinge in the vaporous vocal and laid-back guitar. The whole track just screams effortless ease.
Sounds Like: Ryn Weaver (vocally), London Grammar, the xx, Oh Wonder

Thru: Not only does the EP feature their mastery of haunting chillwave-pop, but they also show they can fucking hold their own in the EDM world with "Thru". What seems like another slow-jam ballad for the first 2:30 seconds explodes and the last minute and a half is an amazing experimental-EDM journey. Whether this track's target demographic is crying teenage girls or raving drug-rats in the Dominican, i don't really know but oh well.
Sounds Like: the xx, BROODS, Flume

Oh!: Probably their most main-stream track on the EP, this song epitomizes the term "little ditty". It's so upbeat and highlights a crowd-favorite: acoustic strumming. This one almost sounds like sample vocals over a remix track but I still dig.
Sounds Like: Zella Day (vocally), Flume, BranchezBearson

Reprieve: Don't like this one much. The beginning is giving me some serious "The Winner Takes it All"-from-Mama-Mia vibes. IDK why exactly but I fucking h8 it. I think it's the sad pity-me piano. Sounds like the song in the musical that's only there to give the entire cast time to change. BUT, the track actually evolves into another dream-pop, mellowed-out ditty with a twist of electro-experimentalism so still press play. Sounds Like: AlunaGeorge, London Grammar