Jens Lekman- February Postcards

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See January's postcards here.

Unlike 95% of the population, Jens actually stuck with his resolution past January! Here are his February postcards. Side note: switch the first and last letter of Jens' name and you get "Lens Jekman": a perfect job for anyone going into the lens/ proJEKtor profession. just sayin'.)

Postcard #5
Date: February 1, 2015
February Ranking: 1

Makes you feel: like Ron Swanson at his happiest

Postcard #6
February 7, 2015
February Ranking: 2

Makes you feel: like Cassie, queen of the fictitious free-spirits #ohwow

Postcard #7
February 14, 2015
February Ranking: 3

Makes you feel: like u and ur Valentine ARE these sea otters floating through a little stream called life.

Postcard #8
February 21, 2015
February Ranking: 4

Makes you feel: like 1/2 of cinema's IT couple of 2k12

Coleman Hell - Take Me Up

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Based on this pic alone, I think this dude could be the Fat Jewish of dancey pop music. 2 of my favorite things. Just like the Fat Jewish, Coleman Hell is churning out crap (the good kind duh) at all times. Case in point: Second song in a month yalll. This man means business. "Take Me Up" comes right after "2 Heads" and I actually like this one better. It's more frenzied, and there are no banjos. (Sorry, but I saw Deliverance as a child and banjos are always going to make me think of toothless butt rapists. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you don't find out.) In today's musical world, I also appreciate upbeat music that doesn't have a drop. Honestly THANK GOD! I hate drops. They are dumb and make me feel confused most of the time. In summary, listen to this song. But if you don't, Coleman Hell prob doesn't care because he will be back next week w something else.

The Tallest Man On Earth - Sagres

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Guys, I didn't know the Tallest Man on Earth was hot!! From the way he sings, I expected him to look like the crazy man who sings Under the Boardwalk for change on the subway. Then again, Bob Dylan was also hot and he sounds like a toad so crazier things have happened. "Sagres" is the first single off Dark Bird Is Home, which comes out in May. SPRINGTIME. Oh happy day!!! It's a strong first effort. The production is fancy and reminds me of Beirut. I think there are horns? It's also a great low key pop piece. In the world inhabited by Bon Iver and Jens Lekman, there are often indulgent dirges and not enough crafted pop songs. I appreciate u for that reason Tallest Man on Earth. Which reminds me, I really need to find a place for folk music in my life. Perhaps when I clean my apartment? Oh wait I don't do that. Eh I'll think on it.

VERITE - Wasteland

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It's official: Verite is my favorite of the peddling-stardom indie girl singers. Srsly I hope u make it. And if u don't, will u be my friend? We can throw darts at a picture of Ryn Weaver or whoever else hits the top 40. Verite is teacher's pet of T4L because her music is strongest across the board. Also because in that pic she resembles Michelle Trachetenblegggg and who doesn't love Georgina from Gossip Girl?!?! Answer: no one, but here at t4L we love a crazy bitch. Back to Verite... she first emerged from the fog as a MS MR musical doppelganger, but since has released 3-4 bangers. Her vocals are unique while remaining poppy, and her songs are original while still being catchy. Basically she could be a not-boring pop star. Strange Enough is still my fav, but this one is v good. Lyrically, I'm not sure what's happening here. Verite sings "I want a heart unbreakable, so I can feel alive" It's weird and I dig it. As long as this song isn't like, inspired by T.S Eliot. Then I might vomit.

t4L in a Nutshell: February 2015

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Martin Solveig & GTA- Intoxicated

Makes You Feel:

Marian Hill- Wasted
Makes You Feel:

Thief- Crazy
Makes You Feel: 

MNEK- A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Remix)
Makes You Feel:

Penguin Prison- Never Gets Old
Makes You Feel:

Tinashe- All Hands on Deck (ft. Iggy Azalea)
Makes You Feel:

Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney- FourFiveSeconds (Afrojack Remix)

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HELLLOOOOOO SUMMERTIME. Afrojack takes a stab at Rihanna/Kanye/Paul McCartney's recent release (there hasn't been such a dispute over headlining names since "Bang Bang" by Jesse J and Ariana Grande AND Nicki Minaj. Srsly singers, 4get yo' egos and take a feature credit every once in a while). Sure the added production kind of sounds like something someone could have made in 6th grade Garage Band class, but only someone with an especially musically-gifted ear. And then the chorus is just pure Herculean-chorus fem-harmony HEAVEN. Without tweaking the original too much, Afrojack just puts a much more dance-able spin on the track. And who doesn't want to giT dRuNK 'n' dance on top of a bar to some Rhi Rhi*? (Hmmm, mehbeh Chris Brown. and Drake? Not sure where him and Rihanns stand after W.i.P.-gate 2012.) I guess this is where, as a relevant blogging establishment, I should bring up THE DRESS. The dress that has clogged ur FB and insta feeds for nearly 12 whole hours now. But frankly anyone who sees an iota of white in the picture can GTFO and that's all I have to say about that.

*Even Paul McCartney digs Afrojack's take:

Sounds Like: Felix Jaehn, Naxxos, Ella Henderson

Zedd- I Want You To Know (ft. Selena Gomez)

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Plot Twist: Selena Gomez and Zedd are DATING. Even BIGGER plot twist: tunes4Loons is blogging about Selena Gomez! Before you lose your faith in t4L, I was in the same narrow mindset as you originally about this track. Like when I first saw people blogging a Selena Gomez, I was like:

And then when I saw it quickly climbing the HypeM charts I was just in utter confusion.

THEN. When I saw it was at NUMBER 1 on Hypem, I was just completely over humanity.

'Cause I thought about all the good music that deserved to be in that coveted #1 spot

But then I thought: am I being the typical hypocripster (hypocritical hipster) that I complain about? All I do is bitch about mainstream music and post weird electronic shit here as if my opinion matters. And I was like:

So I pressed play. And at first I was rul hesitant.

But then the chorus came:

And the song dropped:

And I  realized this song is a banging, EDM ANTHEM.

Dancing was inevitable:

And by the end I was happier than a white couple in his-n-hers Snuggies

Sure I get this reaction when, as a 23-yr old, I say I have discovered an amazing new song and it's by Selena Gomez:

 But the song is so good, i'm like:

And I just keep grooving to the song

GIRL FRIEND - Monte Carlo

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That guy seems like he's the Black Swans little brother. He brings the same intensity to his music that Natalie Portman brings to ripping out feathers from under her nails. And slamming her moms hand in a door. And murdering people/herself. That reminds me to never watch that movie again. While he looks scary, that guy actually makes amazing indie pop. Who knew!? I DID. Girl Friend is a Manchester export with only this single to date. Sad because this song rules. It's bouncy and reminds me of Two Door Cinema Club. A little Phoenix? Also the lyrics are conjuring such a scene in my mind. Mr. Black Swan pleads w his lady friend to stay in Monte Carlo so they can dance always. I was thinking that could be about Grace Kelly and the old guy she married to become a Princess. Then I realized that was Monaco... TECHNICALITIES PEOPLE.

RHODES - Turning Back Around

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I have gone on a long quest trying to find a picture of these people. First I googled Rhodes. Discovered that's the name of an island near Greece. It was unclear to me whether it is actually part of Greece. I'm dumb sry. If you thought this blog was written by smart people...u were mistaken. Then I googled Rhodes Band. No joke, there are at least 4 bands called Rhodes. All of them use black and white promotional photos and feature 3 to 5 white dudes. I ruled out the bald people and the heavy metal band and then I took an educated guess. Rhodes, if you read this (lol), and u are not depicted in the photo, I TRIED. Whatever it's about the music righttt?? "Turning Back Around" is the song Kodaline wish they made. Those dumb fucks! This song is beautiful. It's atmospheric and melancholic and poppy. The singer has an amazing voice. It's sort of wispy but a little soulful. So many feels. It also manages to seem like a massive song when in reality it's pretty scaled back. I love it.

BREAKING NEWS*** THIS IS RHODES. he is one person. I realize I could have just deleted what I wrote above but it was most of this post and I didn't want to think of other shit to say. Sry bout it.

Young Summer - Severing Ties (Avec Sans Remix)

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Will the real Adele Dazeem please stand up? Imagine if she was so ashamed of the John Travolta incident that Idina Menzel ran away from her career to become an unknown hipster singer/songwriter. God that would be an amazing movie. Although I would say I.M has a voice like a fucking fog horn. She would be trying to go incognito in a shitty Lower East Side bar, peddling her indie tunes, and even the passed out homeless guy outside would run in screaming LEEETTTT IT GOOOO. I wonder if that song haunts her.... ok sry. I got away from myself a little bit. This song is by Young Summer and not Adele Dazeem. She has been featured on T4L before, and I think she's amazing. Her music is always "sad: the good kind". And it's always about tragic relationships. It makes me think she had a crazy bofo who drowned or like tried to light himself on fire. I heard both the original and this remix, and they are each excellent. I'm choosing to post this one because it's what won out in my shower playlist. Actually fuck it I'm including both. One is for coked out you, one is for "Sunday morning and I'm filled w regret" you.

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love

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Hi, welcome to the best casual house music of this month. Sam Feldt is Dutch (duh, I swear they put molly in the Scandanavians Cheerios starting in pre-K), and he has unleashed this Robin S cover upon the world. It's perfect. Who is Robin S, you may ask? Well, it's someone who is not ROBYN, who also released a song "Show Me Love" in 1997. I don't even know. That's some Inception shit right there. Anyways, this song is better than either of those I'm pretty sure, because this one starts with chirping birds. When I hear them, I am fooled that it is springtime outside and that I don't live in an Arctic tundra. While I am eventually brought back to reality by Sam Feldt's occasionally pitchy vocals, the instrumental interlude/drop-thing is worth it. It's bouncy and makes me feel like Toad from Mario Kart formed a marching band. Not sure what that means, but don't you want to listen to find out.

Passion Pit- Lifted Up; Where the Sky Hangs (Kindred Pre-releases)

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Three years ago, I was kicked in the head by a crowd surfer at a PP show. I probably had a minor concussion, but sucked it up because that's what you do for good music (I was drunk enough to not notice how much it hurt).

"Lifted-Up" is the latest installment in Michael Angelakos' helium-injected musical tour through bi-polar disorder. You can rest assured that the crowd-surfing will continue on into the third album Kindred, expected to come out in April.  With a driving, synth-laden verse that builds and ultimately climaxes into a jumper of a chorus, this song is quintessential Passion Pit, worthy of kicking some concert-goers in the dome-piece.

"Where the Sky Hangs" is the perfect pre-release track to accompany "Lifted Up" because it takes you to the other end of the PP spectrum: straight baby making music.

 On the topic of baby-making, a PSA to our readers: If you have the voice of Michael Angelakos, apparently you're eligible to BE BRIDGET'S LOVER .  If you don't, just enjoy the new toons, and pray that the tour following Kindred's release isn't replete with cancellations.

Catey Shaw- Human Contact (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

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The #ColbaltQueen is BACK !! (thank gawwwwd she changed her hair color from pink to teal or else I would have to have dubbed her the #PinkPrincess or the #FuschiaFemFatale both of which just sound like they are epithets for an off-brand, djanky version of the pink Power Ranger). If you've been wondering what Catey Shaw has been up to since the release of her Christmas track, "Cuddle Up" (other than instagramming the wildlife in her BK apt, that is), then look no further! Out March 10th is her latest project, a "Human Contact" Remix EP, featuring such names as Speaker of the House and Mystery Skulls. I've had a preview of all the remixes and the French Horn Rebellion Remix is just a taste of the amazing talent demonstrated throughout the Remix EP. You can't hear the others until March 10th, but, until then, jam to the synth-heavy and funky-bass-filled additions that the Molinari Brothers have brought to Shaw's already infectious track.

Alesso- Cool (ft. Ray English)

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Press Play and scroll down for giphy goodness!

Ways this song makes me wanna dance:

With all the confidence of an Inkwell'd Bey.

With all the DGAF attitude of Carrot Top--- oh wait that's Rhi Rhi.

With all the moves of a pre-Neverland Jackson.

With all the sass of a speaker-mounting Shakira.

With all the enthusiasm and charm of IRL Arya Stark

With all the intensity (and toned muscles) of Magic Mike.

Ways I will actually dance to this song:

With all the air-piano playing skills of Mike Hannigan

With all the awkwardness of Ace Ventura

With all the sex appeal of my favorite Belcher

With all the showmanship of baby Buster

With all the Nick-Millerness of Nick Miller

and probably with Ron Swanson's ABV level:

Whether you're keeping it cool like the song implies or dancing like amputees on E, press play and you'll be guaranteed 3 minutes and 42 seconds of uninterrupted and infectious FUN. t4L, OUT!

Sounds Like: David Guetta, Avicii