Alesso- Cool (ft. Ray English)

2/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Press Play and scroll down for giphy goodness!

Ways this song makes me wanna dance:

With all the confidence of an Inkwell'd Bey.

With all the DGAF attitude of Carrot Top--- oh wait that's Rhi Rhi.

With all the moves of a pre-Neverland Jackson.

With all the sass of a speaker-mounting Shakira.

With all the enthusiasm and charm of IRL Arya Stark

With all the intensity (and toned muscles) of Magic Mike.

Ways I will actually dance to this song:

With all the air-piano playing skills of Mike Hannigan

With all the awkwardness of Ace Ventura

With all the sex appeal of my favorite Belcher

With all the showmanship of baby Buster

With all the Nick-Millerness of Nick Miller

and probably with Ron Swanson's ABV level:

Whether you're keeping it cool like the song implies or dancing like amputees on E, press play and you'll be guaranteed 3 minutes and 42 seconds of uninterrupted and infectious FUN. t4L, OUT!

Sounds Like: David Guetta, Avicii