Angel Haze - Candlxs (prod. Troy Noka)

2/08/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Dear Angel Haze,

U rule. This song rules and I hope this is the year you explode into the universe as the star Azealia Banks never got to be. (Shots fired!!) This song is catchy and perfectly straddles the line between r&b and pop and electronic. So really it is an intersection. A lot of people actually live here. Frank Ocean. The Weeknd. Jessie Ware. They welcome you! But passive aggressively because they don't want you to surpass them in star power. I also think you have a beautiful voice. No lie I was listening to this in the shower and my roommate asked me if you were Beyonce. (Tbh I don't think you are as good as Beyonce but the fact that someone could think you are her in excellent news.) The production is on point. Bringing the ancient Asian vibes! I love them. I feel like I'm in Mulan. My only complaint is this: the word candles does not have an "x" in it. JUST FYI. Besides that, keep up the good work.see u soon.

xoxooxxoox, T4L