Calvin Harris- Pray to God (ft. Haim)(Hacienda Remix)

2/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

TBH, someone could layer Haim's harmonies over alley-cat screeches and Fran Drescher's laugh and the song would still be amazing.  Their songs at their very core are infectious and anthemic that combining their skills with Adam Wiles (Calvin Harris ppl! For someone who is so original with what he produces, his DJ name is weakkkkk*) was bound to create a EDM-pop HIT. For those of you who like your electro-pop to be, uh, 90% electro 10% pop, look no further! If you want the ratios reverses, try the original. It's like Calvin heard the original "Pray To God" and didn't hear enough of himself so he gave the track a second go. This time he's brought in Mike Pickering for the "Hacienda Remix" which is named after the Hacienda 80's music movement. I can't tell if I think it's super cool he named the remix after a piece of music history because it's bringing some much-needed education into popular EDM or just because it's Calvin who did it and I revere him on a higher pedestal than even Carl from Shameless). Either way it's one of those music facts that makes you feel like you're learning something substantial, not just "OH EM GEE did u know that while Recording 'Uptown Funk' Mark Ronson  was so stressed that he fainted once and threw up three times during the production process????? KUH-rAAAzyyyy!".

*That does not give you permission, Adam, to change your name to a douchey DJ name like G@/\/\3 BOiiiiiii or LE4EVR (ellie 4ever #leDUH. This one is for a universe where he and Ellie Goulding are actually a couple**)

**If they ever do get together, ur t4L creators be like:

(And I would nvr be able to watch the 'We Found Love" video again without peeing my pants from loving their love so much)

Sounds Like: Avicii, Majestic, Luxx, Blonde