Chet Faker - 1998

2/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Omg I just found out Chet Faker is a stage name! I'm kind of mad at u NICK MURPHY. Ugh. I feel betrayed. Kind of like when I found out Calvin Harris is really Adam Wiles by day. I guess when everyone else is named like Beach Ball and GVSHERS (that's gushers with a V fools) Chet Faker seemed like it was on a birth certificate. Whatvr, to quote some old dead guy**, a rose by any other name still smells pretty dope yooOOO. 1998 is off the full length album he released a year ago(...awk), and it's the second best song. Gold is the best. If you don't know about it ur a loser!! ;) "1998" tells the story of Chet Faker and his frenemy who betrayed him long ago. It's house music, but his vocals are so different from anyone else in the genre that it doesn't really feel like that. The only thing that is distracting me from the goodness of this song is that it bears a lot of similarity to less famous LANY's "ILYSB" That is short for "I love you so bad." I mean, that acronym sort of makes me feel like they deserve to be ripped off, but that is still a bummer.   

***Shakespeare bitches!! <----That is my bibliography.