Drake - Energy

2/14/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Drakeeeeeee. I will defend Drake until I die. Or at the very least until he becomes irrelevant in popular culture. Take Care defined like a year of my life. YES I AM BEING SERIOUS. But guys, he makes it so hard sometimes. He is like Schmidt (from New Girl, fucking duh) of the rap world. You love him, but you don't necessarily like him. Drizzy unleashed this album unannounced today. I'm sure plenty of blogs are going to point this out so I will make it brief. Beyonce did that and now no one else can. It makes me angry, but so does seeing poor bb North West at a fashion show and that isn't going to change. Drake, you look like a straight up loser by doing this. The truth hurts Aubrey!!! Despite this, there are some things that I love. One: the album title (If You're Reading This Its Too Late). It's sort of freaky and I love that shit. I'm going to overlook the fact that you missed an apostrophe because I don't have very much faith in your Degrassi set tutored education. 2. Of the songs I have heard the music is pretty good. It all sounds the same, but I don't really care. But T4L you may be saying to your screen, if you like the album why are you trashing Young Aubrey for an entire post? Isn't the music all that should really matter!? Um no, this is a business of image management and coolness and if you can't handle that maybe go read a blog about the publishing industry.