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We've had EXGF on our radar ever since last year's anthem for prep school brats and club rats everywhere, "Idle Hands".  The gritty, electric track was the purrrfect song for soaking up the summer sun and the tune had just the right amount of sass. With "WE ARE THE HEARTS", EXGF shows their darker side, giving off a more MS-MR feel than their first track. Also, helllloooo trumpets (yet again). Looks like Jason Deruuuuulo (sung, of course) is a soothsayer of sorts, as his song "Trumpets" basically predicted this bold-and-brassy music trend of 2k15. The opening verse is an amazing example of dark-and-twisted electro-pop and its instrumental-minimalism highlights the flawlessness of the lead vocals. And then the chorus is just a perfect combination of distorted-vocals and heavy drums. Think of the song they'd play at the end of a Grey's Anatomy episode and you get this chorus. I can just imagine it playing right after an intense heart transplant fails. The chorus would play over an elongated montage of everyone reflecting on how #blessed they are. This song would unsubtly drive the cardiovascular metaphor home, something network TV always looks for in an episode-ending track. 

Veering back from the mid-2000s (why do I seem to always end up there? #iblametheOC), what makes this track so hauntingly eerie is that the mystery goes beyond the ominous synth beats of the song. EXGF, who are you?!? You have a smaller digital footprint than Vallis Alps, and that's saying something as the closest location I could narrow that indie-duo down to living in (using the internet) was "Planet Earth". Well played Vallis Alps, and well played EXGF, who manages to maintain a Dwight-Scrutt-level of digital-anonymity (not quite a Ron Swason level, but a close second). And the mystery continues with what sounds like the inclusion of Rick Ross 2.0 in ALL their tracks. WTF is that aboout (if you didn't catch it, it happens around 1:00 and it is the most confusing). Ultimately, if there is one question answered, I would like it to be this one. Although a close second would be "WHY do you feel the need to say your name in all your tracks as well?". (side note: have you ever realized it's always the artists with the easiest names to spell pulling this shit in their songs. Think about it: I-G-G-Y. E-X-G-F. The easiest of names. Why can't KAYTRANADA ever spell her name in a song 'cause 100/100 times I will spell that wrong.

Sounds Like: MS MR,