FRANKIE- Problems, Problems

2/11/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

LOOKS LIKE THE PITCH PERFECT 2 SOUNDTRACK GOT LEAKED Y'ALLLL! jk, but I'm getting some serious Barden Bellas vibes at the begininning of this track. Rly though, this song makes me think a ton of things (complex sentence, i know). Because after the aca-mazing Pitch Perfect beginning, the track then explodes at the chorus into a whiny*, fem-fatale pop anthem that Britney wished she had 10 years ago to revive her career (I know I say this about a lot of songs, but ultimately, I just wish she had staged a comeback back in 2005. Like a female Robert Downey Jr. Then maybe we wouldn't have this image permanently burned in our retinae). And then the bridge is so teenage-angst! I love it! The bridge sounds like what maybe Avril would have sounded like if she had stayed with the times and the trends and removed that fucking tie from her belt loops (#iblameSum41).

Even though I'm being uber referential right now, this track still somehow manages to be 100% FRANKIE (And I don't even know the girl. But "Problems, Problems" has such relatability, charisma and punch that I feel as I know her as well as if I had been hazed in a basement with her. And the a capella undertones throughout elevate this track to fem-pop perfection. I mean, look at the lyrics: "problems, problems; I know that everybody's got 'em". Simple enough for stupid ppl to love. Deep enough for the angsty-emos of the world the relate to. Watch out for this girl. t4L**sees too wayyyy to much talent for a 1 hit wonder here.

*it ain't gonna be a pop-hit if it doesn't have a tinge of whine!
**yeah, we refer to ourselves in the 3rd person like Jimmy from Seinfeld. #srynotsry

Sounds Like: Barden Bellas, Meghan Trainor (same doo-wops)