GIRL FRIEND - Monte Carlo

2/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

That guy seems like he's the Black Swans little brother. He brings the same intensity to his music that Natalie Portman brings to ripping out feathers from under her nails. And slamming her moms hand in a door. And murdering people/herself. That reminds me to never watch that movie again. While he looks scary, that guy actually makes amazing indie pop. Who knew!? I DID. Girl Friend is a Manchester export with only this single to date. Sad because this song rules. It's bouncy and reminds me of Two Door Cinema Club. A little Phoenix? Also the lyrics are conjuring such a scene in my mind. Mr. Black Swan pleads w his lady friend to stay in Monte Carlo so they can dance always. I was thinking that could be about Grace Kelly and the old guy she married to become a Princess. Then I realized that was Monaco... TECHNICALITIES PEOPLE.