Grandtheft & Lambo - Butterscotch

2/11/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

IT'S TIME FOR SOME TRAP MUSIC YALLLLL. Sometimes, good songs can be simple. In this instance, simple is a kind euphemism for ...primitive. Honestly trap is pretty primitive. But so is Happy Birthday and it's catchy as fuck (Martin Luther King version obvi, the real version blows. Why else do you think grade schoolers add cha-cha-chas in.) Basically what I'm saying is this song rules. It has only two parts. The first part is Lambo saying "What's your favorite type of lady" over and over again. The second part is the word "butterscotch" followed by a french horn loop ***that sounds suspiciously like Get Right by J Lo. I'm not sure if the two parts are supposed to be connected? Is Lambo's favorite type of lady Butterscotch? I'm Marshmallow, so sadly I'm out, but if you fit the bill def go hunt him down.

***know that I Id'ed this instrument by googling "what instrument plays in Thrift Shop" Call me Nancy.