*SUBMISSION* James Bay- Let It Go (Ollin Kan Remix)

2/13/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

You're probably exasperated, saying "t4L, HOW can you not be blogging the new Drake album that dropped today??" Well, minions, Drake didn't bother to e-mail t4L about his newest musical endeavors, whereas Ollin Kan did* (aka Renato Marquez-- a baller birth name btw #suaveAF-- aka the violin player and guitarist of KLINGANDE aka the person partly responsible for making your 2014 a whole lot better with a little track called "Jubel"). Guess t4L isn't cool enough for Jimmy Brooks. And it's really sad when you're not cool enough for a wheelchair-wielding teen from a failed Canadian TV network. But, our own pathetic popularity aside, Ollin Kan's remix of Let It Go can only be described as a breath of fresh air. The faint tropical house vibes blend perfectly with Marquez' superior violin skills and everything flows together under the ever-aaaaamazing voice of James Bay. Take a break from all the whiny, wannabee-Tove-Los that clog our hypeM charts and relax with some violins and velvety vocals.

*moral of the story: Europeans rule, Canadians drooooool <--- my personal life mantra

Sounds Like: Ben Howard, Kygo, Klingande (le dUH), Naxsy