Jens Lekman- February Postcards

2/28/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

See January's postcards here.

Unlike 95% of the population, Jens actually stuck with his resolution past January! Here are his February postcards. Side note: switch the first and last letter of Jens' name and you get "Lens Jekman": a perfect job for anyone going into the lens/ proJEKtor profession. just sayin'.)

Postcard #5
Date: February 1, 2015
February Ranking: 1

Makes you feel: like Ron Swanson at his happiest

Postcard #6
February 7, 2015
February Ranking: 2

Makes you feel: like Cassie, queen of the fictitious free-spirits #ohwow

Postcard #7
February 14, 2015
February Ranking: 3

Makes you feel: like u and ur Valentine ARE these sea otters floating through a little stream called life.

Postcard #8
February 21, 2015
February Ranking: 4

Makes you feel: like 1/2 of cinema's IT couple of 2k12