LIVE! Review: The Districts (Bowery Ballroom 2/10/15)

2/16/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Those of you lamenting that rock is all but dead, rejoice.  The Districts come screaming their Americana/blues-rock from rural PA with a Sound and a Fury strong enough to spearhead a genre-wide renaissance.  Their sophomore album "A Flourish and a Spoil" dropped last week and is not to be missed. I caught these kids on a pro-tip from a friend, showed up sonically ignorant, and walked out with an ear to ear grin.   Sporting the classic four-piece outfit (two guitars, drums, bass) with guitar licks reminiscent of Alabama Shakes-procreates-with-Weezer, and vocal melodies comparable to Kings of Leon-meets-Modest Mouse, these boys own a sound that is familiar in so many ways yet is uniquely their own.  And I call them boys because they are.  Underage on stage.  Drinking water. Despite the youth there's nothing immature about the show they put on.  With a set full of instrumental breakdowns, audience vocal participation, and guitar solos, it felt like a band of seasoned vets slamming out songs for long-time fans.  I was actually impressed at how many people were singing out lyrics as seemingly loyal followers(+1).   It's been a long time since I've seen someone have as much fun on stage as frontman Rob Grote.  The singer/guitarist was bouncing all around narrowly avoiding cords and amps, sometimes finding himself so far from the mic that he'd shout across stage at it.  By the end of the night he had a back-sweat stain that you might find on a woman in labor.  You just get the sense that this kid is special and his group is at a tipping point.  Get on the bandwagon before they get a wikipedia page.   

CATCH THEM AT GOV BALL this summer. I'll probably be somewhere near stage front somewhere near belligerent.  Come say hi.  

Favorite Songs: Long Distance, Suburban Smell. Hats off to the (B+)and.  P.S. never stay on the balcony at BoweryB.  Nowhere near as much energy as the floor.