LSBV - Smoke N Mirrors

2/12/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

LSBV stands for Little Shoes Big Voice. Um ok. I feel like that is a little misleading. Obviously these people aren't midgets. And they aren't Shirley Temple. Also I have a bigger voice than this bitch. I mean she has a beautiful voice, but unless you have more windpower than Florence Welch I wouldn't adopt the moniker BIG VOICE. K, now that I have unleashed my mean, I can appreciate this great tune. If we are making comparisons, I would say: more acoustic CHVRCHES. The girl's voice sounds v similar. What makes them interesting in their own right though, is the fact we get boy and girl voices! The harmonies are so pretty guys. I mean who doesn't love that shit ? Pitch Perfect 2. It's coming. Additionally they seem like they love each other from that promotional pic, so thus I love their love. Also, British people . yaYYYY. They don't sound anything alike, but I want lil shoes to fill the void in my musical life left by London Grammar. They became too s-o-m-b-e-r. Literally they now produce musical eulogies. Who died you guys !?!? YOUR CAREER THATS WHAT.