Molly Williams- Drop the Game x Tell Me (Chet Faker/ Jesse Boykins III)

2/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

2015 has officially changed my mind about women covering  and mashing-up male songs.  I once thought it was a genre full of Karmin-wannabees. Seeing as Karmin herself is an Amy Winehouse-wannabee, that would make these people Amy-Winehouse-wannabee-wannabees and being a wannabee (let alone a wannabee-wannabee) hasn't been cool since the Spice Girls did it circa 1996. But with such amazing covers by actual cool people* such as Eastside's "Don't x Loyal" and Phoebe Ryan's "Ignition/ Do You", my opinion on the subject has officially done a 180. I bet you expect next for me to suddenly start praising artists for their all-caps names (see CHVRCHES, MNEK, JMSN, LSBV, EXGF. sadly, this list could on on forever). Well that will NVR happen. I still think those "names" look like the artist couldn't figure out how to turn the caps-lock off on his computer. 

But back to homegirl Molly, who brings Chet Faker/ Flume's "Drop the Game" and Jesse Boykins III's "Tell Me" together in this crisp n clean cover. The slinky production paired with Williams' raspy yet delicate vocals have me in #hipsterheaven (also preppy ppl's hell. One man's trash, yah know?) and ultimately, if nothing else, the track is a great throwback to hands-down the best song off of Flume's Lockjaw EP. Warning: a couple times (:40-:50 for an example) the track starts to give off major Fiona-transforming-into-an-ogre vibes (#weirdbuttrue), but get through the patches Gregorian oohhhs and ahhhs and you'll be rewarded with the mash-up you were expecting.

*Aka people who are sassy on Twitter. How else would I judge a person's character in 20-15?

Sounds Like: Phoebe Ryan, Eastside