Passion Pit- Lifted Up; Where the Sky Hangs (Kindred Pre-releases)

2/24/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Three years ago, I was kicked in the head by a crowd surfer at a PP show. I probably had a minor concussion, but sucked it up because that's what you do for good music (I was drunk enough to not notice how much it hurt).

"Lifted-Up" is the latest installment in Michael Angelakos' helium-injected musical tour through bi-polar disorder. You can rest assured that the crowd-surfing will continue on into the third album Kindred, expected to come out in April.  With a driving, synth-laden verse that builds and ultimately climaxes into a jumper of a chorus, this song is quintessential Passion Pit, worthy of kicking some concert-goers in the dome-piece.

"Where the Sky Hangs" is the perfect pre-release track to accompany "Lifted Up" because it takes you to the other end of the PP spectrum: straight baby making music.

 On the topic of baby-making, a PSA to our readers: If you have the voice of Michael Angelakos, apparently you're eligible to BE BRIDGET'S LOVER .  If you don't, just enjoy the new toons, and pray that the tour following Kindred's release isn't replete with cancellations.