Prinze George- We Are Dreamers (ft. Misun Wojcik)

2/09/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Prinze George is solely responsible for my spring break playlist of 2014 (sure, "Victor" isn't a beach rager, but Florida SB has its moments that you need a good cry song for*). Seriously, I feel such an unreasonable emotional attachment to "Victor" and "This Time" that it took me a while to accept that Prinze George was no longer, with Stan Rapoport pulling a Bjork and finding such solo success with his pseudonym "Black Coast". But Prinze George recovered and returned. with MISUN of all people. I could not think of a better way to resurface than with with Wojcik warbling over some amazing synth work. That was a bigger plot twist than Beck winning Album of Year (seriously, don't the Grammys want to stay even the littlest bit relevant in the industry? Guess not.) The track has a Robyn sort of shimmery, hyper-active dance feel and it's an anthem for anyone feeling down right about now (aka Taylor Alison Swift who was a very grammy-less girl last night).

*no, the tears were not over a boy. I'm an independent fucking woman. We couldn't find weed while we were down there #thestruggleisreal 

Sounds Like: Angus & Julia Stone, Black Coast (#leduh)