RHODES - Turning Back Around

2/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I have gone on a long quest trying to find a picture of these people. First I googled Rhodes. Discovered that's the name of an island near Greece. It was unclear to me whether it is actually part of Greece. I'm dumb sry. If you thought this blog was written by smart people...u were mistaken. Then I googled Rhodes Band. No joke, there are at least 4 bands called Rhodes. All of them use black and white promotional photos and feature 3 to 5 white dudes. I ruled out the bald people and the heavy metal band and then I took an educated guess. Rhodes, if you read this (lol), and u are not depicted in the photo, I TRIED. Whatever it's about the music righttt?? "Turning Back Around" is the song Kodaline wish they made. Those dumb fucks! This song is beautiful. It's atmospheric and melancholic and poppy. The singer has an amazing voice. It's sort of wispy but a little soulful. So many feels. It also manages to seem like a massive song when in reality it's pretty scaled back. I love it.

BREAKING NEWS*** THIS IS RHODES. he is one person. I realize I could have just deleted what I wrote above but it was most of this post and I didn't want to think of other shit to say. Sry bout it.