Sam Feldt - Show Me Love

2/25/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hi, welcome to the best casual house music of this month. Sam Feldt is Dutch (duh, I swear they put molly in the Scandanavians Cheerios starting in pre-K), and he has unleashed this Robin S cover upon the world. It's perfect. Who is Robin S, you may ask? Well, it's someone who is not ROBYN, who also released a song "Show Me Love" in 1997. I don't even know. That's some Inception shit right there. Anyways, this song is better than either of those I'm pretty sure, because this one starts with chirping birds. When I hear them, I am fooled that it is springtime outside and that I don't live in an Arctic tundra. While I am eventually brought back to reality by Sam Feldt's occasionally pitchy vocals, the instrumental interlude/drop-thing is worth it. It's bouncy and makes me feel like Toad from Mario Kart formed a marching band. Not sure what that means, but don't you want to listen to find out.