Catey Shaw- Human Contact (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

2/24/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

The #ColbaltQueen is BACK !! (thank gawwwwd she changed her hair color from pink to teal or else I would have to have dubbed her the #PinkPrincess or the #FuschiaFemFatale both of which just sound like they are epithets for an off-brand, djanky version of the pink Power Ranger). If you've been wondering what Catey Shaw has been up to since the release of her Christmas track, "Cuddle Up" (other than instagramming the wildlife in her BK apt, that is), then look no further! Out March 10th is her latest project, a "Human Contact" Remix EP, featuring such names as Speaker of the House and Mystery Skulls. I've had a preview of all the remixes and the French Horn Rebellion Remix is just a taste of the amazing talent demonstrated throughout the Remix EP. You can't hear the others until March 10th, but, until then, jam to the synth-heavy and funky-bass-filled additions that the Molinari Brothers have brought to Shaw's already infectious track.