VERITE - Wasteland

2/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

It's official: Verite is my favorite of the peddling-stardom indie girl singers. Srsly I hope u make it. And if u don't, will u be my friend? We can throw darts at a picture of Ryn Weaver or whoever else hits the top 40. Verite is teacher's pet of T4L because her music is strongest across the board. Also because in that pic she resembles Michelle Trachetenblegggg and who doesn't love Georgina from Gossip Girl?!?! Answer: no one, but here at t4L we love a crazy bitch. Back to Verite... she first emerged from the fog as a MS MR musical doppelganger, but since has released 3-4 bangers. Her vocals are unique while remaining poppy, and her songs are original while still being catchy. Basically she could be a not-boring pop star. Strange Enough is still my fav, but this one is v good. Lyrically, I'm not sure what's happening here. Verite sings "I want a heart unbreakable, so I can feel alive" It's weird and I dig it. As long as this song isn't like, inspired by T.S Eliot. Then I might vomit.