Viceroy- Back At the Start (ft. K Flay)

2/19/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

UGH. I really don't want to like Viceroy. I mean, I really can't trust someone who willingly poses on Zebra-print couches and has an unprecedented passion for pineapples. Plus he calls himself the Sultan of Summer, a title I'm pretty sure belongs either to Seth Cohen or the Turkish sovereign who throws the sickest pool parties. The problem is that someone can appear to be a total SHITBAG of a person and still create amazing music (or actually be a total shitbag of a person i.e.  Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, Michael Angeltakos, Sean Penn, Bill Cosby, anyone with the last name Kardashian OR Baldwin, the list goes on and on  like it's that movie from "Don't Stop Believin'"). I mean, Viceroy must not suck as much as his Tommy-Bahama-goes-back-to-college style  implies if he's from San Fran and continuously produces tracks as effortlessly infectious as "Back at the Start". Everything is on point from K. Flay's (Bobby Flay's QUiRKy niece!*) husky vocals to the sultry sax of Simon Friedlander. As always, the tropical vibes are present, because who doesn't want to feel like a Jamaican every fucking day of the week??

*not tru, but couldn't it be? #spreadit

Sounds Like: The Knocks, RAC, Jimmy Buffet weirdly (but that might be the Hawaiian shirt)