Beauville - Letting In (prod. NoMBe)

3/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Wuddup, NoMBe! This is our second post this week recognizing your talents ;) Don't know why I just winked at you electronically. It felt pithy and appropriate.* Moving on... LA based duo Beauville recruited NoMBe to produce the single "Letting In" off of their upcoming debut album. After climbing the ranks of Hypem's most popular tracks for weeks, it is clear that this collaboration was a wise decision for sure. The song leads off with acoustic strumming that immediately takes me back to my middle school days when Dispatch were musical gods** and puka shell necklaces were sexy. Take no offense guys! Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Plus, the combination of lyrics, vocals, and addition of darker vibes @ 1:35 lend this song the grit it needs veer away from any Ryan Cabrera comparisons. It's like how Adam Levine writes songs like "Moves Like Jagger" but has tattoo sleeves on both arms. No one questions his street cred. It just works. Hence, I hope to see more from you guys! Ya make a good team.

* P.S. This may surprise you given your previous tweet addressing T4L as "sirs," but we are in fact a trio of girls. Hopefully that knowledge will make you feel less weird about my virtual flirting. Or not, as you wish.

** "Two Coins" still makes me swoon. Not ashamed.