Best Coast - California Nights

3/02/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

WoahhHH. Best Coast I forgot how much I missed you until you were back. This sounds like the Beatles entering their acid phase. (I can basically hear George Harrison's sitar and picture the band ridiculing Ringo's many allergies to India.) And I think it's so unexpected. I really thought they were going to make their same, dweeby, I-live-on-my-moms-couch, smoke pot, and "obsess over my cat and the 90s", surfer rock music forever***

But instead they grew! This sounds like Zero-7 ate them. And makes me really interested for the album. Bethany's vocals sound supa smooth, and the guitars are relaxxxxing. Best Coast, my one objection (and a lot of Youtube peoples objection) is your deployment of the state of California. It's fucking old guys. We get it --California rules! There are palm trees and everyone is hot. You can eat weed lollipops and get vegan dog food. Ultimately, the rest of us hate you. On principle. But also I feel compelled to say this music video is really cool and makes me jealous you guys get to live in the sunshine. There I said it.

***How's that for run-on. Somewhere an English teacher is defeated and crying.