Big Data - Get Some Freedom (ft. Dragonette)

3/22/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ohhhh I'm digging this. Although I can literally picture the car commercial it will inevitably end up in. My $$$ is on Dodge, although Marian Hill did pop up in a Taco Bell one*** and that was a REAL plot twist to me so what do I know. Ultimately tho, the combo of rock and pop is too sweet for me to fret about it. I am familiar with Dragonette as 1/2 of the duo that brought I JUST CAME TO SAY HELLO to the world, and Big Data only peripherally. I find it odd that Dragonette is getting the featuring credit, because it's pretty much her song. B.G. is bringing "We couldn't afford the Black Keys" to the mix, but that's it. That is by no means an insult. They are great support. The heavy guitar sounds sooo good w sugary vocals. Gwen Stefani wishes she did this. I wish more polar opposite musical acts did collabs. Wishlist: Shakira & Daft Punk, Adele & the Xx, Rihanna/Kanye & Paul McCartney.. oh wait. teehee!!

*** Dear Marian Hill,

Really?!?!?!? Actually they probably paid you my years salary for that so I say good 4 you.