Catey Shaw- Human Contact (Speaker of the House Remix)

3/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Speaker of the House took Catey's track and turned it into the ultimate track for white people to awkwardly dance to. The song is slow enough that our lack of rhythm can keep up with the beat. However, it's also fast enough that when we try to attempt cool hip-hop dance moves we just look rushed and ridiculous. But every awkward white free-spirit out there needs an anthem they can dance it out to and Speaker or the House's production provides the perfect beat for that.

Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness

 Think I'm wrong that this song and AWP* dancing go together like alcohol and word vomit? Well, all these people beg to differ:

*awkward white people (is that redundant to say "awkward" and "white people"? #yes)

Gap's oldest employee's dance moves go perfectly with SOTH's groovy beat:

So do the sick moves of these news anchors who thought they were "on a commercial break":

This couple's been waiting 40 years for a track to accompany their awkward white people dancing. Nobody would have put Baby in the corner if this had been playing at the Dirty Dancing camp, that's for sure):

And George W. Bush's third-world dance moves go perfectly with the electric synth of the track:

Somehow the ukelele makes even this Winnie-the-Pooh-looking fucker seem wayyyy better at dance than he actually is:

Same goes for this Tobias Funke IRL dude:

And the funky beat makes it seem like that kid from Freaks and Geeks has moves like Jackson:

And like Britney has still got it:
(RIP "Baby One More Time" dance moves)

So press play and EMBRACE your white-people dance skills. Whether you awkwardly arrive late to the beat like Mod Fam's Cameron:

Or just like to dance like a prairie dog like this DGAF-ing sports fan:

And if this post didn't convince you to listen, maybe the fact that it was #1 on the Hypem Charts will. Although, if that is the case and you base your opinions solely on rankings, take your music-snob, shallow-ass elsewhere. Try Pitchfork. You and your pretentious ways should fit right in there.