CHLOE BLACK- Runaway (Kanye Cover)

3/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Chloe Black first popped up on our radars last fall with her slinky "27 Club". That was when t4L also learned that if there is an up-and-coming artist who shares a name with a porn star DO NOT SEARCH FOR THEIR PICTURE ON GOOGLE. Because you will see a Chloe Black that is up-and-"coming" in all the wrong ways. I've seen things that I'm pretty sure will haunt my grandchildren's dreams. Anyway, Black follows up her first original track here by absolutely NAILING Kanye's 2010 hit "Runaway".

Press play and scroll down for giphy goodness.
Sure the song starts with a southern-drawl rant and you wonder if that's actually an audio sampling from a Rusty Coen monologue:

But then the piano starts. You get Black's rapsy yet soulful vocals and you realize the song has as much raw emotion as Andy Dwyer's "5,000 Candles in the Wind":

And you relax to the breathe of fresh air that is a song without a trace of synth in it:

However, the song's spell is cut short for a second when Black sings "I sent the chick a picture of my dick":
(The lyrics were gross in the original song and they're still gross today. Sry I like my music to be dick-pic free.)

Chloe Black regains your attention at the chorus, however, as she belts about douchebags and assholes. Suddenly you feel so bonded with the female population it's as if you were hazed in a basement with every woman on earth:

You think of allllll the assholes and douchebags you have ever had the misfortune of dating, BOMO-ing* and gracing with your presence (cause your presence is a m***f*** present and don't u ever 4get it!):

*Black-Out-Make-Out. #dUH

At the end of the first chorus Chloe begins to rap. And first you hate it cause girls rapping has about the same success rate as Google's self-driving car. But then you realize Black is that 1% of white females who has some actually rhythm and flow and you approve:

And you get lost in the song all over like you're an emo girl listening to Death Cab for the first time:

Before you know it, the anthemic chorus comes around and, again, you feel connected to your fellow females (even that one bitch who manages to looks flawless after SoulCycle):

 You think about that one ex BF in particular and how you totally should have gone Hermione on his ass:

And by the end of the song you're ready to take on alllll your exes, their GFs and a case of red wine. 

Okay, but maybe don't take on those things (except the wine cause that's a life necessity obviously). Either way, at least you have a stellar slow-jam to get you through your work week!

Sounds Like: Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys