Cold War Kids - First

3/10/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

My roommates hate me because I can't stop playing this. It's so good you guys. Let's all thank Cameron Crowe and his new movie trailer Aloha for bringing this to mainstream America.*** Ok "mainstream America" prob an overstatement. Bradley Cooper's indie movie is not the Big Bang Theory. But ultimately I wish this song to be heard by everyone. It sort of reminds me of Imagine Dragons. If they were less....bleh. (Imagine Dragons is the next Nickelback people. You heard it here first.) I would also like to say that Nathan Willett has a fantastic voice for rock music. It's got bite but is simultaneously pleasing to my ears. Alright just go buy the album already!!! Cold War Kids released their 5th in October, and I feel it has been criminally ignored. Actually I think this is kind of the story of their career. Who do I have to kill to get these bitches on the radio!? Guys, call me. I want to make u stars. I can definitely do this. I MEAN I HAVE 100 FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS.

**PSA: my opinion of that movie is that it is going to be terrible. Almost Famous was your peak sir. Awk. A Golden God you are not.