Ed Sheeran - Coco (Hitimpulse Remix)

3/31/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Gather 'round subscribers, I have had an epiphany! RAPPERS ARE EVIL GENIUSES. I know I know, the newest batch of club rat nonsense that is passing for hip-hop these days should make you think that none of them passed the eighth grade. BUT I urge you to reconsider. Just think, Big Sean has managed to get the masses shouting "you stupid ass bitch I ain't fuckin witchu." Not only is this socially acceptable but has become a subliminal movement to unite the races! Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, even Asians- drunk in the club, insulting each other and loving it! A melting pot, all united under one asinine catch phrase. The founding fathers would be so proud. All the while, Big Sean and his cohorts are probably laughing at all us dumb mother fuckers supplying them with millions. Brilliant, gentlemen.

This brief cultural analysis leads us to Ed Sheeran's cover of rap's latest piece de resistance, "CoCo".* Here we have a perfect example of the musical phenomenon described above. A pale ginger nerd and a gangster having a musical meeting of the minds, all prompted by the lyrics "BAKING SODA, I got BAKING soda."(<--- which Sheeran managed to make sound angelic, btw) It's truly inspiring. To top it all off, Hitimpulse** ups the diversity quota by adding a little hipster, electro flavor. BAM, we've hit the trifecta. Really though, their addition is on point - everything you'd want an electronic rework to be AND free on soundcloud. Thx guys!In sum, this cover embodies the future of musical collaboration that transcends those cafeteria stereotypes from Mean Girls. And y'all, it is bright!!

* True story, my roommate was convinced that "I'm in love with the CoCo" was an homage to beautiful black woman. Ahh, wouldn't that be a nice?

** Apologies for not discussing more of your musical prowess in this post, Hitimpulse. Really just needed to share my anthropological musings with the world wide web. Consider this a T4L  "I owe you."