FRANKIE- New Obsession

3/09/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

FRANKIE asks to be your "New Obsession" in her most recent track. Although if you weren't already obsessed with her after "Problems, Problems" then you're either crazy or Helen Keller status and can't hear her unique brand of sugar-pop. If your case is the latter, then i'm like really confused what you're doing on a music blog but w/e. I also just LOVE songs that make you feel wayyyy cooler than you actually are (ex. this song, All Hands on Deck, basically any Missy Elliot track). "New Obsession" makes me feel like I'm cruising down a sun-kissed highway in my baby blue convertible with the Na'vi chick from Avatar and Pennsatucky -- aka it makes me feel like B.Spears in her film debut "Crossroads".

But in all seriousness, this song is catchy AF and will make you feel as cool as cats wearing sunglasses.

FRANKIE's unique combo of outer-space synth and summertime production quality create the ultimate track for you and your homegirls to dance and rip vodka shots to. Her voice has just the right amount of whine in it for a pop-star and the 90's-influence really shines through in the best way possible. I also  kind of imagine Taylor Swift breaking into the chorus of this song when on first dates. Just being like wayyyy too forward and self-centered for an initial hang. Too bad she won't be going on any first dates for a while because she HAS A BOYFRIEND. That's right folks! You heard it here first that Taylor Swift is secretly dating one of the members of The 1975. I'll be available at for when the news leaks and you want to tell me "you were right" (my favorite phrase in the English language, just ask my BF). 

Sounds Like: Katelyn Tarver, Natalia Kills, Catey Shaw (vocally)