Gold Spectacles - Steal You Away

3/23/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Guys I could not find a pic of you, so this is what you get. There were a lot of options to choose from, but I concluded these pair of spectacles suited your music the best. Although I would not like to run into the person with eyes wide-set enough to wear those. **Shudder** But actually I would like to compliment you on an amazing band name. I think I spend 40% of my time ridiculing band names on this website, and it gets pretty tiring***. You bring such joy to me Gold Spectacles!! So does your song. It's reminding me very specifically of another band called Pale. Your singers sound so alike^^^. Also Alt-J when Alt-J is having a non-Adam-Sandler sounding day. But "Steal You Away" is bouncier and thus more fun. Give me more.

*** But T4L you might be saying, why wouldn't you just stop being a caustic bitch and remain silent when people name themselves Wicker Basket, The Dreamcatchers or GLBLWRMNG? Well, I feel it is basically my most important duty to let these people know that they are stupid and so is their Amish clubwear. True story a couple walked by me in an airport and I thought they were straight up Mennonites, but then I saw a Rag and Bone garment bag. Boom.

^^^Wow I listened to Pale to double check and they sound nothing alike . Oops.