Grimes - REALiTi & Entropy

3/22/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

If someone who actually knows Grimes reads this (which is doubtful, seeing as I'm pretty sure she's only friends w fairies), plz go check on her. I am concerned that she's going a little bit crazy. Let me explain: She has gone on various social media outlets defending her new work while simultaneously saying that it is unpolished. Or claiming that it is not going to be on her new album altogether. Basically, she's saying, THIS IS THE NEW ME!! JK, ITS NOT!! It's kind of schitzo. And honestly, I get it. I think she's terrified of hipster backlash. When your entire fanbase decides you aren't weird enough for them, that's kind of the kiss of death for your career. And as they say**, once u go commerical, you are exiled from Bushwick. NEVER 2 RETURN. But Grimes, I am here to reassure you to not be afraid. Your new music is so good. For real, both of these songs rock. I'm going to say I like "REALiTi" better, but that's only because science terms make me anxious. I swear to god I still have nightmares about 11th grade chemistry. Fuck science !! -Channing Tatum 

***No one says this but they should