GTA- Red Lips (ft. Sam Bruno)

3/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Well someone h8s Tay Swift. JK, but homegirl is always rocking the Revlon red lipstick and all I can think is that this song is based on a conspiracy theory that pop music's lauded GND* is a person with a secret of Bob-Durst proportions**. Weirdly I wouldn't be that surprised. ALSO, wouldn't it be super epic if whenever this song is performed, Sam Bruno wears red lipstick? Then the phrase "red lips always lie" will be coming from red lips! Which means it's a lie... But if it's a lie then that means red lips always tell the truth...Ahhhhh, my brain is fried just thinking about the mind fuck that creates. Sam Bruno, if you're reading this, pLZ do what I described.

So I guess I like trap now? Like really eerie, borderline-Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks-sounding trap? God, my music taste is getting wayyyy too hipster for my everyday J.Crew ensembles. Brb, gonna go binge-watch The Hills to revert back to a more basic mindset. Gotta be careful how much I watch, though, or next thing you know I'll be so basic that I'm blogging North West's newest single "RugBRATZ" (ft. Prince George)(<-- the royal, infant one. Not PrinzeGeorge, the band. I like to think they would have higher standards when choosing a vocalist to collab with).

Idk if it's just both song's attention to oral behavior, but I get some serious Marian Hill "Lips" vibes from this song. Which is also a v creepy track. Although I guess you can't say phrases like "feel your breath on my neck" or "cause red lips/ have a filthy price/ that's a murder in paradise" without sounding eerie AF. Def filing this track in the playlist "Wednesday Addams on Acid". That fictitious, pigtailed mo'-fo would be all over these creepy vocals. Vocals that really can only be described as what Rihanna would sound like if she was addicted to helium instead of shitty boyfriends and every party drug on the planet.
*Girl Next Door #leDUH

**if u have HBO, go and watch the Robert Durst documentary IMMEDIATELY. I'll be available at for when you want to thank me for giving you the best TV reccommendation of the decade.