Katelyn Tarver- Weekend Millionaires

3/04/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

OMG. I litrchully have A MILLION things to say about this track. First off , Katelyn Tarver. I bet more kids under the age of 12 recognize her name than people reading this blog. She has quite the impressive(?) resume. She got her big break as a finalist on America Juniors (lollll #tbt to the American-Idol spin-off show. Idk how they got through planning the whole show without someone asking the question: "but, do you think America really wants to see kids crying on TV?"). Tarver also was on a nickelodeon TV show Big Time Rush so I guess she's kind of like Ariana Grande 'cept, you know, not made out of neo-preen and plastic. AND, great things come in threes folk! She also had a stint on the critically-acclaimed my Mom's favorite TV show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager (a phrase I rLY never thought I was going to have to write on t4L unless referring to a IRL scandal involving a pregnant Quvenzhane Wallis). But, actually, don't h8. Sheilene Woodley was on that show and she now makes out with Ansel Elgort and fucks Four for a living. I'd saying that's doing pretty well for yourself.

"Weekend Millionaires" is an anthem for joyriding, WHPH* betches everywhere. Also I love songs that make me feel cooler than I actually am. Tarver's got me feel like a Bel-Air brat hyped up on her mother's pill cabinet and Starbucks. The whole track has an eprevencent effortlessness to it from Tarver's saccharine vocals to the funky and sugary production. Also fun fact of the day: the guy who produces Tarver's upcoming album also has produced for the likes of Childish Gambino and HAIM. AND his name is LUDWIG! If I were a Swede i'd definitely wanna have a name as stoic as "Ludwig" or "Dmitry". Not "Hans doe. "Hans" can GTFO. The last thing I want to be named after is Danish storyteller with a mermaid fetish. Or a character from Frozen.  If I'm gonna be named after a character from a Disney movie, it's gonna be Rafiki, dUH.

*work hard play hard. Do you want to hear UrbanDictionary's ACTUAL example for using "WHPH" in a sentence? Here it is folks, u can't make this stuff up (you know, unless you're actually creative but who has time to be creative beyond picking the right insta filter these days?)

"Curing cancer by day, clubbing in Canada by night #WHPH_. I hope this phrase is ficticious. More likely doe it came from J. Beibs' twitter account.

Sounds Like: FRANKIE, Becky G