Kerri Watt- You (Oliver Nelson Remix)

3/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

ALL HAIL OLIVER NELSON. Homeboy is the Henry Higgins of the music industry. Taking British girls, sprucing them up in just the right ways but then teaching them to FUCK the rain in Spain and travel to a sunny tropical island instead. First we were floored by his improvement of an already infectious song, Ella Henderson's "Ghost". His latest project is his summery rework of Kerri Watt's "You" which can only be described as a hidden gem in the truest of forms. Because from extensive research on Kerri Watt, I've only deduced 2 things: 1. that Kerri Watt looks uncannily like the love child of Madonna and Lindsay Lohan (ew, back when both of them were pretty, duh. The love child of both of them now looks like Mr. Magoo with cheap blonde extensions) and 2. that Kerri Watt is basically a nobody. And by "nobody" I mean she only has 2 singles, no Wikipedia page and no presence on Hypem except for this little remixed ditty. Which is a real shame because, judging from this song, Ms. Watt has too much spunk and too velvety of vocals to be a nobody. Although Ella Henderson was a nobody and now her track about Nearly Headless Nick is overplayed to death on the radio. So here's to your future, Kerri Watt. May you music become so mainstream that I get sick of it #theauralAmericandream #AURALnotORAL #pervs. (Idk what the "oral American dream" would be, but I'm guessing at least 2 of the Kardashian sisters would be involved.)