Kygo - Stole the Show

3/30/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

No lie, I am a snob about remixes. Yes there is probably a better version than the original, but how the f am I supposed to listen to 41 remixes of Blank Space to identify which one is superior?!? The answer is I don't. But Kygo has made me excited about remixes. TLC's Waterfalls? Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Dolly Fucking Parton!? I love all of it. He's seriously the best. One of my biggest regrets is blacking out at his concert. He also led me from my village of Ed Sheeran hatred to a place of pure love.  (Ok my car broke down halfway there but that is certainly progress). But we are actually not here to discuss a Kygo remix, but rather, original material. "Stole the Show" is a slice of sparkly rainbow cake. Parson James reminds me of the best British house vocalists, and the flute-y background is uplifting and calming aahhh. When I listen to this song, I feel like I could be: 1. Kite boarding a tranquil wave at sunset in Thailand.  2. A tiny leprechaun running through the Irish countryside in a spring rain storm 3. Driving my car with the windows down. A+