LIVE! Review: Laura Marling (The Warsaw 3/23/15)

3/29/2015 T4L 0 Comments

I caught this british folk-rock songbird sporting a pixie cut and crooning to the middle school gym-sized room at the Polish National House in Williamsburg.  Backed by a three piece guitar/bass/drums rock outfit, Marling split time playing faster tracks with her band and alternatively casting spells with her enchanting voice and acoustic guitar.

If you haven't heard her yet you can expect a voice that lands somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette, though with her tempo changes and occasional singspeak she possesses a sound uniquely her own.  Basically her voice is the perfect storm to make almost anyone weak in the knees.

The 25 year old-veteran has been pursuing music professionally since she was 16 and certainly works a stage like she's been there before.  During the concert she bantered with an adoring audience, restarted a song after admittedly fucking up, and even scrapped a song 30 seconds in.  Towards the end of the show she explained that she doesn't believe in encores and quibbed  "I only have two songs left, but if you need an encore, I guess this next one is my last (*rolls eyes*) song." If you're a sucker for talented acoustic women, make sure you give her a listen.  

Favorite tracks: I was an Eagle, Short Movie