Max & The Moon - Harps

3/22/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

New alt music!! Whatever "alt" means. That's such a stupid term. Like hi, pretty much everything is alt besides Bruno Mars. Some dumbass said this sounds like M83. False.*** If I were going to make comparisons, I would say Mansions on the Moon with the vocals of Guster. I'm feeling pretty specific today. Also, whoever sings background could be a Shins impersonator. Seriously Moon, think about it. You know, for if this band doesn't work out. But I hope you do guys, because I'm majorly digging this. "Harps" is the first I've heard of these gentlemen, who I assumed were Australian but turned out to be California people. I guess sunshine curates a similar sound regardless of hemisphere. Ahh sunshine, I long for you. Also I love the piano!! I will be on the lookout for more boys.

***Ok maybe a little bit accurate. Maybe I'm jealous Indie Shuffle gets to be on Hype Machine and I don't.