NoMBe - California Girls

3/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Feeling kinda dumb that this is the first I'm hearing of producer NoMBe (aka Noah McBeth, see what he did there? It's like the SoHo of stage names. Clever man). Noah, although your moniker would probably be more suitable for that robot blob in Big Hero 6*, you clearly know a thing or two about producing some dope beatzz.

"California Girls" had me hooked from the onset with one of the smoothest guitar riffs I've ever heard. Layer on some raspy talk-singing and a driving beat and the effects are akin to musical heroin. Seriously, this shit is relaxing on another level. Lyrically, this track can best be described as a disenchanted love letter to jaded, likely drug-addcited SoCal beauties. It builds up to approx. 3:00 where NoMBe gives us what I imagine to be his personal mantra in the lyrics, "Ooo how I love the smell of west coast pheromones." Something about this phrase really creeps me out and conjures the image of a butt-sniffing dog on the Santa Monica pier. But if I learned anything from my 5th grade English teacher, good writing paints a picture for your reader. So Schoolhouse Rock and I give you an A+, NoM! Keep crankin out those tunes.

*Truly the best pixar movie since Wall-E. I guess have a thing for robots with the mannerisms and and emotional capacity of a toddler. Note: Comedic effects enhanced by ingestion of THC.