Paolo Nutini - One Day

3/23/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Does anyone remember Paolo Nutini? He was the guy who sang that song "New Shoes" around my middle school years. While catchy and appealing to an 8th grader, time taught me that song was pretty dumb. Excellent for a mediocre romantic comedy soundtrack but ultimately terrible for my iPod. But t4L, you are probably saying, why are you being mean to Mr. Nutini? Ok people, I am saying all of this because I was fucking floored when I heard this. I literally don't believe this song came from his lips. Otis Redding has been resurrected. Seriously prepare to be taken on a rollercoaster of emotion. "One Day" starts off pretty casual, and all of a sudden Paolo Nutini is wailing and you are like WHAT WENT WRONG IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP SIR?!?! I almost cried he conveys emotion so well. Ok that's a lie but if my heart wasn't made of stone I would have. It is the most soulful thing to be posted on T4L to date, that's for sure. Listen and worship. Also this song came out last September sry.