Purity Ring- Bodyache

3/05/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Press play and scroll down for Purity Ring pop and giphy goodness.

When you were discovering your hipster music taste and heard Purity Ring for the first time:

And after that when you listened to multiple Purity Ring songs and you realize Megan James' vocals sound magical ALWAYS:

Aaaaand THEN. When you tried to show your mainstream-music friends Purity Ring for the first time:
(They ask they name of the song and then feign to write a note on their iPhone to download it. 'Cause dat's what betches-- and real friends*-- do.) 

* why do so many people think the term "betch" and "real friend" can't be synonymous? I think ALLLL of the Real Housewives from the West Coast to the Best Coast would be to differ.

But! Then when you were talking to someone totally random and they LOVE Purity Ring:

And when you found out they have an album coming out this year:

When you heard "Repitition" and "Push Pull", the first single off their 2015 upcoming album, Another Eternity, for the first time and you realized they still got it:

And only last month, when you heard "Begin Again" and concluded their album is gonna be 100% AMAZING:

Finally, RN. when you hear "Bodyache", their most recent single, and your day gets infinitely better: