Robert Delong - Long Way Down (Sean Glass Remix)

3/28/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Bloggers across the universe are jizzing themselves over this song's supposed similarities to a James Bond theme song. And I definitely get it. The ominous horns are pure "GOLDFINGAAAA." But I am stuggling to imagine this song co-existing with Daniel Craig's presence. Mainly because James Bond is a MAN. And Robert DeLong's music is for juveniles like me. Yes we pay rent, but we don't pay for bottled water at the movie theater because you can get a tiny cup of tap for free***. We certainly aren't playing high stakes poker in Monaco. Tbh I don't even know the rules of poker. Essentially this song isn't mature enough to be in James Bond, and it shouldn't be. Old people are boring. I saw Rod Stewart on the street last week and even he was boring!! Blah blah ageism sorry. Specifically love the line "I've been fucking around while you been saving the world" It's like James Bond's fictional bratty son Rodrigo ventured into music. Robert Delong, I'm sorry I spent this whole post talking about James Bond - you probably give no fucks about Quantum of Solace ^^^ On its own this song is perfect. Love you mean it.

Ps. Sean Glass I'm sorry I didn't mention you till right now - you obviously brought your A game. I mean there's a reason I'm posting this version.

***this one might just be me. If I ever become a rap star my name will be #pennypincher

^^^does anyone ? Casino Royale 4ever.