t4L in a Nutshell: March 2015

3/31/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

OMITTED DITTIES: (cause we can't blog every amazing song that grazes our path. We do have lives yah know!......well. kinda)  

Rihanna- Stay (Branchez Remix)
No surprise here that my boy Branchez puts out another flawless yet quirky remix. Remember his remix of "High You Are" #HeaveninaHeadphone?

Makes you feel: Like ur surrounded by DJing chipmunks
(Round and around and around Alvin goes) 

Wolf Saga ft. LYON- Kids (MGMT Cover)- **FREE DOWNLOAD** 
They killed it with their remake of "You Only Live Once" and they continue to get away with covering some of the most classic of tracks. 
Makes you feel: YOUNG AGAINNN (basically aural botox*)

*brb gonna patent that. that's gonna be a thing  doctors specialize in soon. You think that job seem crazy but there are people in China whose legit full-time job it is to fluff pandas so maybe my aural therapist profession isn't so farfetched).

Oddisee- That's Love
Like Mambo No. 5 but it lists types of love instead of dated female baby names.
Makes you: believe in love again (any one of the 10 types Oddisee mentions. Silly me, I thought there was only 2 types of love. The love I feel for pizza and the love I feel for the internet.)

Jess Glynne- Hold My Hand (Le Youth Remix)

Ugh, Jess Glynne why aren't you 10x more famous. You have the voice of an angel and the hair of a Pantene commercial.
Makes you feel: Like dancing the night away with your homegirls and ONLY your homegirls

Phoebe Ryan- Ignition/ Do You (Win & Woo Remix)- **FREE DOWNLOAD**
Think the original if the original had hopped a plane to the Dominican and a Delorean to the 1980's.
Makes you feel: as happy and relaxed as these pups on their tropical vacation

Jack LNDN- Fooled Around- **FREE DOWNLOAD**

I mean, I still have "Don't Forget" on permanent repeat, but I guess I'll just have to add another Jack LNDN track to the playlist. 
Makes you feel: kind of robotic and stiff but still with the urge to dance. Like Dr. Evil doing the macarena 

MNEK- The Rhythm (Sebastian Carter Edition)- **FREE DOWNLOAD**

Basically just blogging this track so everyone remembers just how m*th**f**k**g good the original was. 
Makes you wish: That you looked like these professional dancers when "the rhythm got to you"

instead of looking like Liz Lemon practicing to "party dance all night" at a "discotheque" when "the rhythm gets to you"