The Chainsmokers - Let You Go (ft. Great Good Fine Ok)

3/09/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Great Good Fine Ok is probably the fucking dumbest band name I have ever heard. Literally topping my list as the worst. And in a world where vowels have become irrelevant in band names, that is a tricky feat to accomplish. So congrats gentlemen. I thought you were Ok Go for most of your career. BUT. even so, I have to compliment the new tune you have churned out w EDM powershow the Chainsmokers. #Selfie is dumb but Kanye was pretty brilliant. This one is somewhere in between. The use of Great Good Fine Ok is the best thing about "Let You Go."The uptempo production suits their falsetto vocals really well. Is this song crazy innovative? Is it going to be something I listen to 3 months from now? Naaaaahhhh. But it's fun and catchy, and when I see the Chainsmokers in 2 months I will probably drunkenly scream with glee when it comes on. Also those people look shockingly non-Euro for being DJs. Like, did you guys major in English at Brown?